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    ELIGIBILITY:  Students in Grades 7-12 who live in Montmorency, Presque Isle or Alpena County.  Schools are defined as public, private, parochial, charter, and/or home schools.

    STORY: Must be an original story, up to 2,000 words on any subject in any prose style.  Brush Creek Mill reserves the right to reject any and all works that it deems unsatisfactory in content or language.  In order to avoid plagiarism, finalists will be required to answer questions related to the creation and witing of their stories.

    Judging:  Stories will be judged on a point basis with Creativity, Content, Characerization having the greatest value, and Proper Grammar and Correct Spelling the least value.  Judging will be done by qualified representatives of the English Language.

    Prizes: 1st prize $300.  2nd prize $150. 3rd prize $50.  4th and 5th prizes, Certificates of Honorable Mention.

    Rules for Submission:

    •      Stories should be original and 2,000 words or less.   Entries may be typewritten and single-spaced or written in longhand with the title of the story and page numbers in the top left-hand corner of each page. 
    • Each entry must have a COVER PAGE with the following student information: Name.  Address.  Phone Number.  Email address (if possible though not necessary).  Title of Short Story and Number of Words. 

    • Do not include the student's name anywhere on the Short Story itself.  Any stories that include the student's name will be disqualified.  If the Title of the Short Story does not apper on the Cover Page there will be no way to identify the author of a particular story.

    • Each entry must also contain a TITLE PAGE stapled or paper clipped to the Short Story.  Title page should only include the Short Story Title.
    • Submit entries by March 31st, to:  CONTEST.  BRUSH CREEK MILL.  121 STATE STREET.  P.O. BOX 344. HILLMAN, MI 49746.

    Deadlines:  Brush Creek Mill will accept entries between January 15th and March 31st. of 2014.  All entries by mail onloy.  All entries must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2014.  

    Questions:  Contact Brush Creek Mill at 989-742-2527. OR brushcreekmill@myfrontiermail.com


    Let the Brush Creek Mill take you back in history through displays and memorabilia.  Learn about homestead families in the area and what a life was like in the early days of Montemorency County.  Young and old alike will find it truly fascinating when it compares to life as we know it today.

    The Mill is a cultural center where you can take a class, hold a business meeting, or just explore the past, present, and future.  Visit Rivers Edge gift shop where you'll find items made by local artisans.  Area attractions include a variety of shops and restaurants, an 18-hole golf course, Elk Dinner Rides, an RV resort, fishing, hunting, and camping.