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Photos of Area Schools and Graduates Through the Years are now on display.  We add to our display each week.  We have several mysteries!! Come help us identify your classmates!

Also:  Come see the new informational posters on the giant scales, and the mill grinding stones.  We grow and change often. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MINI-GRANT AWARD WINNERS:    Montmorency County Libraries;   4th Grade Field Trips for Hillman, Atlanta, and Lewiston;   Hillman Baseball;   Brush Creek Writers Tri-County Student Writing Contest;    MSU Extension 4-H;   Hillman International Travel Program;   Gina Robertson's Elementary Classroom.

The six winners of the Tri-County Student Short Story Contest have been chosen.  Please join us on Sunday, May 1st at 2:00pm to celebrate these young writers!  Refreshments will be served.    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNING WRITERS:  ALEXA MARCUS,   JAMES MACQUEEN,   JEFFREY MERLINO II,   JOLENE REESE,   ZACHARY TADAJEWSKI,  AND HAYDEN TIMM.  Each writer will receive $100 in prize money.  All writers in 7th through 12th grade are encouraged to enter our contest next year.  Look for information on this web page.

Our next event is May 28th, our annual: YARD SALE!   Items may be brought to the Mill for the Mill table on May 10th during open hours.    Spots are available outside if you would like to set up your own sale area: call Jane Heiden at 989-742-2527 to make arrangements.   The Rivers Edge Gift Shop will be open with wonderful items by new and familiar artisans.  The Genealogy Society will be available to help you get started on your family tree.  Our concession stand will be open, so stop by to make a purchase and to have lunch as you wander the community looking for bargains.


Don't forget to put our Golf Tournament on your calendar.  "Teeing Off for kids" raises the funds for all the Children's programing at the Mill, especially the Children's Christmas Party. Registration forms and hole sponsorship forms are available for download here.





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